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Shot on a balmy afternoon in LA, It is a pleasure to introduce our very first Wellington Girl, Isabella Summers AKA Isa Machine.
Here she gives us a glimpse into her extraordinary, beautiful mind.

 Isabella embodies the vision of Wellington Factory. 
She is an eminently cool, strong woman who has helped pave the way for women in her career.

 Isa is one half the band Florence + The Machine which she founded alongside her pal Florence Welch in 2007. 
Adding to her credits she also writes, produces and remixes for the likes of Beyonce, Iggy Azalea, Rita Ora, Jessica Simpson and Juliette Lewis (just to name a few)

Growing up in London, Isa decided early on that she did not want to sit around and watch the boys produce the music. Immersing herself in the industry- she quickly found her calling in life and worked her way from the ground up.

She is currently in the midst of creating her solo album as well as been dubbed 'the next big thing' in music production which is a big deal considering it is a predominantly male dominated industry. 

On a note of inspiration, Isa believes  she's living proof that anything is possible in life and if you keep believing, no matter what, you'll eventually make it happen as long as you work at it and concentrate.

Wellington Girls is a unique platform for our muses to express themselves-  be it with words/art/ video or photography.

The diary entries will be a continuous celebration of women across the world who we admire.

We hope this will become a space where we can help inspire and uplift each other. 


wellington girl: @isamachine
creative: @dbfiftythree
photography: @dominichaydnrawle + @luckytennyson
words: @danikadanika


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