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A conversation with Jade Gillet of Rainbow Studios.

" Rainbow Studios is a cultivated place for discovery, a creatively driven concept store in the heart of Darlinghurst. Nestled inside the iconic Sydney shell, the visionary duo Brent Gold and Jade Gillett have created an interchangeable space celebrating not only the established brother and sister Jewellery brands ‘HENSON’ and ‘Henson and Gold’ but other artisans alike - a studio offering one-of-a-kind items exclusively conceived for the space."

Congratulations on the opening of Rainbow! How long has this project been in the works?

RAINBOW STUDIOS was a mixture of quick and fast but also a life long dream of Goldie’s to have a creative space for his jewellery. The idea of evolving the space into a creative concept store was the idea that grew quick and fast and it just happened due to the space we found and fell in love with. It allowed us to explore the opportunities to step into the Art and Design world because of how big the building is. We knew we could hold more than just jewellery in here! It all started at the very start of the first lockdown.. It gave us the time we needed to get inspired and to work on the perfect brand.


What was your favorite part about making this project come to life?

There are so many elements, but I think my favorite is just having faith in what you believe in and trusting that you know that your ideas can become a reality. The hard work that it takes for your dreams to come true is a lot but it is so worth it in the end when you look at what you’ve created. I would recommend it to anyone who has business or life ideas/dreams!



What was the most challenging aspect of this project?

The renovation process I would say was the most challenging. Especially as we currently live above space! We had to work, live and renovate all during the lockdown last year. It was testing on us individually but also as a couple. Starting from scratch in all areas of the business and physically building our dream with our bare hands was really tough but also so amazing and rewarding at the same time. I’m just so thankful for Goldie for working so hard and for also designing/creating this vision and bringing it to life with his talents.

You describe your space as "..a mix of modern and retro-mod design, visually striking with a bold, energetic colour palette and a journey of minimalist to maximalist." What was the inspiration behind the interior design and architecture of your space?

Goldie & I have always been huge lovers of vintage, retro designs. We try to bring the stylish, vibrant decades into our lives with interiors, fashion and music. We love how daring and bold the colours are and how they were used in the 70s, 80s and 90s. The shapes and textures really inspired us when we were designing the interiors and really cultivated our look. This is a vibe we will continue to work with throughout all of our future designs as well as the Artists and Designers that we work with. It’s so fun!

Rainbow recently transformed into a "gallery" space for the introduction of Ming Nomchong's photo exhibition and the launch of her photobook 'PACIFIC'— How did this partnership come about?

Ming has been a friend from afar and reached out to us to ask if she could launch PACIFIC here in Sydney at RAINBOW STUDIOS. We knew instantly that this would be the perfect place for the launch. We were also so excited to transform the space for Ming and to see the space look different and have that Ocean theme throughout. It looked so fresh and soft. It was great to see how versatile the space is and that we can adapt the space for many different clients to fit the look and feel of their brand.


As a designer and curator, what are some concepts, items or experiences that are inspiring you at the moment?

I think as a creative person, you have to set aside time to be alone to get inspired by yourself. To reset your mind to really understand what you want to achieve. However, People and other creatives inspire me the most. People are so fascinating and wonderful. I love to listen and learn from others and appreciate their individually. It gives me confidence in just believing in my own style and what I feel is right for RAINBOW STUDIOS and that the right people will see what we have to offer. Travel is also huge, I can’t wait to get overseas and to immerse myself in culture and new experiences/memories that we can then bring back to our creative space through our products as well as new talent from overseas.

How do you see Rainbow evolving in 2022?

I know 2022 will be a huge year for us, it will be our first full year as a business and we have many ideas/dreams that we would love to bring to life. Honestly, I just want to continue to see us growing naturally and organically. We have been so lucky from the start with our community following our journey and being such a huge support and loving what we do. From the feedback we’ve had so far we will continue to run awesome Art exhibitions and events, we will look at creating more opportunities for our local community to be part of what we’ve created and support local artists/designers. Goldie has already started designing and making his collection of custom ‘Tables’ so we will be launching our own custom range of Furniture this year.
We also know we have a great opportunity to capture those who love our brand identity so we are currently designing our first capsule of RAINBOW STUDIOS merch.. So watch this space!

What does a normal weekday at Rainbow look like for you?

Everyday is different but always very busy. As I also look after Henson & Gold. So I make sure that both brands are fulfilled with the orders and day to day liaising with clients and customers. I’m planning ahead for the year so lot’s of exciting meetings with new potential stockists, Artists and Designers to showcase here. The jewellery is very busy so we have daily appointments with our beautiful clients to create their custom jewellery, wedding and engagement rings. And more... the list goes on!

Do you have any daily rituals?

I do my best to get up at 6:30 and head for a walk by myself or with a friend. It’s the best way for me to start my day and it really is my only form of exercise! I'm definitely a morning person and I find I am the most productive in the mornings.

348 Liverpool Street, Darlinghurst, Sydney, Australia