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Introduce yourself; 

Hi! My name is Marianne and I am a self-taught artist and ceramicist living on Bundjalung land, Byron Bay.



 What does a typical day in the studio look like for you? 

It really depends! I'd love to be in the studio and create everyday but some days it doesn't always flow so I go back to my art space whenever I feel inspired. When I start a piece, I can literally be in the studio for hours, I completely lose track of time and I love it that way. 

When did you first begin to describe yourself as an artist? 

Mmm.. Good question! I think around two years ago when I started painting on a regular basis! 

 We are equally mesmerised by your ceramics and paintings, do you have a favoured medium? Which did you begin with and how did the other manifest for you? 

Thank you!! I like the idea of flowing with whatever medium feels good and right in the present moment. I started painting 6 years ago and I have been loving the freedom of trying different styles and medium. Last year I release two series of original artworks and it felt amazing, I felt so called and inspired to paint that year. This year, I decided to mix things up and try pottery again and it's so fun. I felt like I needed a little wee break from painting and challenge myself to another craft and it feels so good!

What things/ people do you find yourself inspired by? 

Women and nature remain my two mains sources of inspiration. I am also super inspired by painters and ceramicists from the old days! 

Is there a particular intention or underlying message within your works? 

I always create with nature being my main inspiration. My partner hand-builds all my canvases with sustainably sourced timber and hemp, in aim to reduce my impact. 

When you’re not in the studio you are... 

Baking, spending time in nature or at the beach, hanging with friends and my lover or working. I love the laidback lifestyle in Byron! 


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Shot on Film by Ben Rayner.

Marianne Wears The Dylan Sweater & Eno Short.