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Wellington Factory was founded in 2019 by Danika Murphy. The Sydney born fashion house was created by the former model who was able to work alongside some of the top fashion houses around the world which sparked her interest in the design and creation process. Without compromising on the quality of fabrications, the brands main objective is to create impeccably executed pieces while maintaining fair and accessible price points.

Delicate, innocent and relaxed, each new collection is produced with a slow fashion ethos and are inspired by romantic nostalgia or memories from a recent journey. Whimsical prints and seductive hues are used in combination with feather soft Swiss & Italian cottons, linen, voile & silk. The combination of the fabrics and design of every collection reflects comfort with quality, harmony and ease.

Wellington Factory garments are designed to be timeless - evoking understated elegance and ethereal silhouettes with the intention to be worn time and time again.