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Sustainability & Ethics


Wellington Factory currently works between 2 factories, one in Australia the other in China. 

Australia: We currently produce half of our collections in our boutique factory which is located in the inner Sydney suburb of St Peters. It is staffed by a very small team of seamstresses who are mainly woman. All items produced are of the highest quality using only the best fabrics sourced across the country. Our goal is to eventually have all of our items made in Australia.

 China: We consciously manufacture our products in a DAS certified factory in Guangzhou, China. The family run factory has operated for 15 years under the supervision of the Chinese Government. Factories within the region must comply with the standard codes and practices enforced by local governments otherwise they run the risk of closure.

All workers at our factory are ensured a fair wage, good working conditions and hours. The factory also supports and engages with the local community through social projects such as donating fabric offcuts to local craftspeople who use them to weave blankets and rugs.


We carefully consider the materials we use in our garments as fabrics used in fashion have a significant impact to the environment. Being conscious of our carbon footprint, we currently only source fabric produced locally in the Guangzhou Region. This unfortunately means we do not have access to all types of eco-friendly options, however we are constantly on the lookout to find new ways of accessing materials which have a positive affect on the environment.

To date, we have been able to utilise the following certified and non-certified fabrications.  within production:

Linen, cotton, silk, cotton bamboo and dead stock.

As a young company, we acknowledge this is a work in progress, however we are fully committed to reducing our impact on the environment and continue to learn, evolve and move forward with accountability and transparency. We encourage suggestions and feedback.


Wellington Factory has partnered with i=Change to support three life-changing projects. $1 from each purchase is donated to a charity of choice at checkout. Our chosen charities include: Protect the Vulnerable, Restore the Land and Prevent Woman Dying. We believe together we can make a difference.

At the Sydney Studio.

We use recycled/environmentally friendly products within our office. We use recycled paper in our postcards, packing slips and invoices. In place of conventional plastic, our orders are placed inside a cotton bag which can be repurposed, the cotton bag is then packed and sent out in biodegradable mailing satchels. The satchel can be composted by our customer. Any waste we generate is consciously disposed of, recycled, reused or gifted where possible.